Years later, in Akron Ohio, Mar. of 1988,  I tried it again, more successfully this time.  Recently married, I bought this Chevy S-10.  My sign painting father did the signs, and I began collecting landscape maintenance equipment and customers.  I adopted the name Delta Lawn Service, which I held onto for 12 years.
I don't count all of the lawn maintenance customers I handled around the house where I grew up in as a kid, back in Ohio, in my 20 years of experience.  I don't even count my first attempt at making a business of  it when I lived in Louisville, Colorado, back in the early 80's.  However, to the right is a picture of my antique business card.  Notice the patina.  Ha!  (The other guy and I both worked at Shappard's Gardens in Boulder, Colorado.)
Above: Two old Bobcat mowers which I restored myself.
Left: Mowing a lawn in an upscale west Akron neighborhood.
After moving to Port Charlotte, FL in 1990, I purchase my first Commercial zero turn radius machine & added it to the existing fleet.  Although I handled residential, commercial, condo, and apartment properties,  I eventually gained the equivalent of 80 residential customers during the busy season.
In the year 1994, I moved my base of operations to the southern edge of the "city" of North Port, where I was surrounded by pines , palmettos, and armadillos.  The armadillos tore up my nice bahia grass lawn and I expanded my fleet to two trucks, two trailers, and five commercial mowers.  I installed my own four zone irrigation system on this property with some nice gear driven sprinklers.  I sure do miss that place.
In the year 2000, I sold all of the accounts and most of the equipment and went back into the pizza business, (which I had spent 8 years at before the lawn maintenance business.) In 2005 I closed it due to fierce competition. 
After some years of working as a tractor-trailer mechanic for Commercial Carrier Corporation, I ressurrected the landscape maintenance business and added some new services, utilizing my ever increasing skill sets.
My equipment at my Bradenton, (Historic Wares Creek area)  location
Holding my daughter at my North Port office.  Look at all of those lawn accounts on the schedule board behind me.  Another brutally hot July schedule!  Everything's piled up on Thursday.  How did I ever get through it?  And why do they have to grow up so fast?