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Mowing is available by the cut or annual contract.  By the cut, the customer can choose to notify me when to change the schedule or authorize me to change the schedule as needed.  Or if desired I can wait for the customer to call as needed.  A fixed monthly price is only available with an annual contract.  Annual contracts are written with escape clauses for the customer's convenience.  Pro-rated charges may apply.
Hedge trimming is available on a one-time basis, or as an annual contract option.
Tree trimming prices are generally given as requested by the customer.  
Total yard cleanups can involve many things, from mowing a neglected lawn, to hedge and bush trimmings, to tree trimming, to leaf cleanup, etc.  This is quoted on a one time basis.
Leaf cleanup is generally seasonal and is quoted on a one time basis, or as an annual contract option.
Gutter cleaning can be quoted as needed or as an annual contract option.
Roof cleaning can be quoted as needed or as an annual contract option.  It generally involves removing leaves and debris from the roof.
Pressure cleaning is generally quoted on a one time as needed basis and can include walks, driveway, and building exteriors.
Quoted as needed and requested.
As it can be very difficult to estimate time involved I usually work on an hourly rate for this. I work as swiftly and honestly as possible. Special lower winter rates are available.  I have repaired and replaced sprinkler heads and risers, repaired underground leaks, diagnosed electrical problems between the controller and the solenoid valves, located and unburied lost sprinklers heads and adjusted sprinkler head range and sweep settings.  On my own North Port property I installed a complete Rainbird system with four zones so I understand the entire system.  It is important that sprinkler head risers are of a proper length so that, as the sprinkler retracts, it is slightly below ground level.  Proper string trimming practices are also very important to prevent the heads from being buried under St. Augustine runners.
Hauling is available by request
After years of having to replace screening occasionally damaged by a new employee getting a little too close with the string trimmer, I've become excellent at replacing screening.  No sags, no wrinkles, just a nice tightly installed screen and nicely trimmed.
A customized quotation can be made for your uniquely sized beds.  I work out the math by area and volume and present it for your chosen type of mulch.
This service is recommended for irrigated properties only.  Floratam is a variety of St. Augustine grass and is not drought tolerant.
A fairly wide variety of handyman services are available.
Weed control in beds is only offered as an option on annual contracts.  
Available on annual contract or by request.